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Infovell Changes Name to DeepDyve, Rolls Out Consumer Search Engine for the Deep Web

Company Adds Free Search Engine to Unlock the Deep Web; Expands to New Markets

NOVEMBER 11, 2008 - Menlo Park, CALIF - DeepDyve, which formally changed its name from Infovell today, announced that it has expanded into the consumer internet search market. As part of the corporate rebranding effort rolled out today, DeepDyve now offers a free research engine for anyone who wants to access the "Deep Web" - the 99% of the internet that falls outside the reach of search engines from companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. This product is currently in beta, and interested consumers can register to participate by visiting The company will continue to offer its premium product, DeepDyve Pro, on a subscription basis to institutional researchers and other power users desiring advanced functionality. In addition, DeepDyve is announcing that it is expanding beyond its current focus in the areas of Life Sciences, Patents and Wikipedia. Beginning this quarter, the company will begin indexing content in the Physical Sciences, including Information Technology, Clean Technology and Energy.

"According to IDC, more than 42M consumers spend 25 hours per month online researching business and personal information, and they are frustrated with the results they get back and the tools they have to use," said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. "DeepDyve gives information-savvy consumers unparalleled access to quality information found only in the Deep Web, with features and functionality that make it easy to find, filter and organize their results."

Deep Web Search for Everyone

With today's announcement of its free Deep Web research engine, DeepDyve is now the destination of choice for information-savvy consumers who are seeking answers to complex questions and who find today's search engines frustrating to use and cluttered with irrelevant information. DeepDyve takes the pain out of writing the perfect query. The company's KeyPhraseTM technology enables users to type in a few words, or copy an entire article as their query and find all related articles from only the best sources in the Deep Web. Whether someone is a professional researcher or simply a consumer who wants and expects a more powerful form of search, DeepDyve is the solution for anyone who wants to access expert content previously hidden in the Deep Web. The free, consumer Deep Web research engine being announced today provides access to the same information as the company's subscription service. DeepDyve Pro, which is available on a monthly subscription basis, is ideal for power users who require advanced functionality such as dynamic foldering, visual clustering and expanded filtering.

Reaching into New Markets

Much of the Deep Web's content is unstructured and hard to access - comprised of technical publications, databases, scholarly journals and other proprietary information. To address this problem, DeepDyve partners directly with major publishers to gain access to content that is overlooked by conventional search engines.

DeepDyve currently enables Deep Web searches in the areas of Life Sciences, Patents and Wikipedia. As of November 2008, the company has indexed greater than 500M pages of Deep Web content in these areas alone. Starting this quarter, the company will begin indexing Physical Sciences content in the areas of Information Technology, Clean Technology and Energy. With the addition of these new markets announced today, by year's end the size of DeepDyve's index is expected to grow to more than a billion pages. This move is a continuation of DeepDyve's methodical and deliberate effort to index subject areas that are of mutual interest to internet users of all types. This approach allows DeepDyve to break through the clutter of the surface web and give its users access to high-quality content from reputable, credible sources.

Infovell is Now DeepDyve

Infovell has been officially renamed DeepDyve to better reflect the company's mission to help consumers, working professionals and institutional researchers alike discover the internet's most valuable content within the Deep Web. The name change is effective immediately, and no interruption in service is expected as a result of the change. For the thousands of users who have already signed-up for Infovell's 30-day free trial, those users have been automatically enrolled in the beta program and can now access their new DeepDyve account by visiting

Pricing and Availability

Both DeepDyve and DeepDyve Pro are currently available. DeepDyve is free to all users, while DeepDyve Pro is offered at a rate of $45 per user, per month. Multi-seat licenses, with per-seat discounts, are also available to larger organizations.

About DeepDyve

DeepDyve, formerly known as Infovell, is the research engine for the Deep Web. DeepDyve unlocks the vast and rich collection of information that is out on the web, but is hidden from today's search engines. Using DeepDyve, people find the in-depth, high-quality information they need to answer tough research questions. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, with offices in Shanghai, China. To learn more about DeepDyve, go to or call 1-650-324-0110.