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Fulfilling AgeingAgeing in Better Mental HealthMentalhealth

Fulfilling Ageing: Ageing in Better Mental HealthMentalhealth [This develops the topic of Ageing in better health. Here we return to the biology of ageing, that was first introduced in Chap. 1, but with a special emphasis on brain plasticity, a very important topic that is the focus of a fast-developing research program, and we also review psychological health in old age. Initially mentally healthy persons may be at risk of experiencing serious deterioration of their mental capacities as they age; therefore, we devote a section in this chapter to review mental pathologies in the elderly. Special emphasis is given to the analysis of the various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. From there we proceed to address those aspects of ageing that affect sexual behaviour. The challenges experienced by people with a disability (mental or physical) who are becoming older are also the topic of a section in this chapter. We conclude the chapter with a section devoted to older people who reach very advanced ages: the centenarians, semi-supercentenarians, and supercentenarians.]

Fulfilling AgeingAgeing in Better Mental HealthMentalhealth

Part of the International Perspectives on Aging Book Series (volume 30)
Fulfilling Ageing — Jan 5, 2021

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